Dwarf Tomatoes

Dwarf (Tree Type) tomatoes from The Dwarf Tomato Project. I grew 6 of them in 2016 and was very impressed with most of them. They are perfect for a small space gardener who wants a slicer instead of the smaller tomatoes that are usually produced by most determinate tomatoes.

This class of tomatoes exhibits characteristics of both determinate and indeterminate types. Historically called “tree-type,” they are now commonly referred to as” dwarfs”. Tree-type tomato plants have very thick main stems with minimal branching. Their foliage can be either regular or potato leaf but in either case, are rugose (e.g. dark green in color and crinkly in texture).

Due to their slow growth rate, they appear from a distance to be determinate achieving three to four feet in height. However, like indeterminate, they continue to set fruit throughout the growing season. Compact and everbearing, what a great combination! They come in many color, shapes and sizes.

I bought the majority of my seeds for these Dwarfs from Tatianas Tomatobase, Victory Seeds and Tomatofest. They are available in limited varieties from other online seed companies. (And borrowed some pics for those I haven’t grown yet.)

These are wonderful for containers as long as they have enough sunlight. Remember that ripening times are from the time of transplanting into the garden.

Click on the picture for a little more detail.

dwarf beauty king
Dwarf Beauty King
dwarf brandyfred
Dwarf Brandy Fred
dwarf buddys heart
Dwarf Buddy's Heart
dwarf caitydid
Dwarf Caitydid
dwarf freds tye dye
Dwarf Fred's Tye Dye
dwarf golden gypsy
Dwarf Golden Gypsy
dwarf idaho gem
Dwarf Idaho Gem
dwarf lucky swirl
Dwarf Lucky Swirl
dwarf mr snow
Dwarf Mr. Snow
dwarf pink passion
Dwarf Pink Passion
dwarf rosella purple
Dwarf Rosella Purple
dwarf russian swirl
Dwarf Russian Swirl
dwarf sweet scarlett
Dwarf Sweet Scarlett
dwarf summer sweet gold
Dwarf Summer Sweet Gold
dwarf sweet sue
Dwarf Sweet Sue