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So this is it. We are closed for the season. Can’t say I am sad, it’s been a really good run but I need to recuperate. Getting older is ok but tiring! We thank all of our returning AND brand-new customers for your business. We enjoyed offering our selection of tomatoes, flowers, veggies, herbs, and peppers, even though it made choosing plants somewhat mind-boggling. I hope you tried something new!
I have a blog, and, obviously, a Facebook business page as well as a website. Keep checking it periodically for updates and news. Come and visit my garden and have a cup of coffee with me. I really mean it!
822 N University Spokane Valley 99206
queen of the night tomato
As you probably know I tend to be drawn to tomatoes that are different. Spots, stripes, odd colors and shapes, you name it. This is a new one for us, it is called "Queen of the Night." Isn't it amazing? Just think how much it will liven up your salad bowl!
One of our customers who was waiting patiently for his wife to make her selections. Such a thoughtful husband, don't ya think?
Cougar Red
Cougar Red This is a new red tomato that has been grown and tested for cool summer temps with a short growing season. This meaty, medium sized fruit is good for home processing. The flavor is a good mixture of sugar and low acid. Determinate

We Try To Garden
As Organically As Possible

Our plants are fertilized with steamed bone meal, worm castings, epsom salts, mycorrihzae, seaweed extract, fish fertilizer, kelp and alfalfa meal. We DO NOT use pesticides or herbicides. I don’t want for myself or my family to eat that stuff and I am sure you don’t either.

We have a standing invitation to each and every one of you to visit my garden. You will be amazed how I transformed one of our greenhouses into a sunny entertaining spot. Just call first. I kid my customers that they only visit when they want something! I’d love to share my garden with you.

We accept checks, cash and credit cards
(minimum $30 sale for credit cards please)


Plants We Are Offering This Year:

Tomatoes: We have 371 varieties this year, some very limited. We have some you won’t find anywhere else unless you grow them.
Peppers: We are offering 127 different varieties, hot and sweet, plus superhots.
Vegetable Plants: Gourmet Lettuce, and Cabbage for early planting as of March 23.
Flower Plants: We have a LOT of flower plants. Some you won’t find at the big box stores.

elizabeth and peppers
Elizabeth, The Tomato Lady with a Feher Ozon Paprika pepper and amaranthus "Love-Lies-Bleeding". The man in the picture below, is her Honey, Steve, The Tomato Man. I would be remiss if I didn't mention him. After all, It takes two to make this whole operation come together.
Our garden one year. Look at how tall the tomatoes are!
My partner in "crime," Steve Casteel. Husband extraordinaire, affectionately known as The Tomato Man (or King) as he likes to think!.
flowers lettuce tomato
This is one of my baskets that I created. It just shows that an edible (tomato plant) doesn't have to be be plain and boring. Here I have mixed a red romaine with with alyssum, lobelia and a "Tumbler" tomato.
Pie pumpkins, "New England Pie Pumpkin" and "My Love's Pink Oxheart" side-by-side size comparisons. I thought it was funny that this partiular tomato variety was bigger than the pumpkins!
coleus 2023
My Coleus crop of which I am pretty proud of.
cosmos antiquity