I didn't realize that June is so close! Please note: Our tomatoes are on notice that they need to vacate the premise by the first of June. Starting tomorrow, the 19th, we are going to clearance price them. The small pots will be $3.00 and the gallon pots will be $5.00 each. We still have a nice selection of varieties left. Come and get them while you can. We have no peppers but we do have flowers, cucumbers, melons, and squash.

We are still OPEN! Our new hours as of Monday, May 14th are as follows: Monday thru Thursday from 10 to 6 pm, Saturday, from 10 to 5 pm, CLOSED ON FRIDAYS and SUNDAYS.

The last workshop is Sunday, May 20th, at 4 pm. Click on Workshops in the navigation bar for more info.

This year, we have 159 varieties of tomatoes and 50 varieties of peppers. 

We so look forward to seeing all of our regular (and new) customers (hopefully you will bring new friends for me to make!)

ANOTHER NOTE we can no longer park in the field in the back of our house. Someone has bought it and lives there now.

We have a standing invitation to each and every one of you to visit my garden. You will be amazed how I transformed one of our greenhouses into a sunny entertaining spot. Just call first. I kid my customers that they only visit when they want something! I’d love to share my garden with you. 

We accept checks, cash and credit cards (minimum $10 purchase for credit cards please)

We are ORGANIC and our plants are fertilized with steamed bone meal, worm castings, epsom salts, mycorrihzae, seaweed extract, fish fertilizer, kelp and alfalfa meal.

Plants We Are Offering This Year:

Tomatoes: This year we have 159 varieties for sale.

Peppers: We are offering 50 different varieties.

Vegetable Plants: TBA

Flower Plants: TBA


As much as I love seeing all of you at the Garden Expo, I love it even more when we you come to the house. I get to talk with you and show you how we do things. Call us to make sure we are home and keep an eye on this site for opening day.

We have several links to informative pages. Learn more about us, read some interesting facts about tomatoes and find out how we grow our plants in the garden.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@thetomatolady.com We'll respond as quickly as possible. Enjoy your visit.

Steve and Elizabeth Casteel
email: info@thetomatolady.com
Spokane Valley, Washington

Due to customer request, we are now offering our tomato cages for sale. They are tall and sturdy and work really well for our plants which usually get very large. Try picking up a tomato plant that has toppled over in a metal tomato cage! $25 for a 5 foot cage. Can be folded like a ladder for storage. See the picture below. First picture is early in the season. As you can see, our tomatoes quickly fill them up.


Tomato Cages in our garden

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