These are the tomatoes that I wasn’t sure what category to put them in. They have unusual colors, stripes, one isn’t even a tomato technically! Aunt Molly is a “husk tomato” that has been around for years, it comes with it’s own carrying case and children adore it. to me it tastes like pineapple. Black Zebras and Green Zebras are a customer favorite. If you a like a more tart tomato, this one is for you. Highly poplar with chefs.

Aunt Mollys is basically a crop failure. I had two germinate and one died. someone has already contacted me about it. I jus thope it lives.

The Indigo Family

Not being offered this year as no one said they loved it. Possibly next year.
Following the huge success of the introduction of Indigo Rose four more exciting new varieties - all high in anthocyanin (a powerful antioxidant with disease fighting properties) have been developed. 

The Wild Boar Family
Pineapple Pig is the only one  from the Wild Boar Series that I am offering this year.

"From Brad Gates, Napa Valley, California, a small organic farmer, tomato breeder and grower of heirlooms since 2000. He has bred several dozen new tomatoes, hand picking his varieties based on flavor from over 1,000 heirlooms, crosses and hybrids. His main focus is on bicolor and striped varieties with extreme flavor and fascinating looks. They perform exceptionally well for home and market gardeners - even in areas with challenging climates. From the garden to your table, these are sure to be some of the prettiest, tastiest and most unique tomatoes you'll ever grow and eat! Featured in national magazines."

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