SOLD OUTMarglobe Tomatoes are a disease and crack resistant heirloom variety which are a good producer of 7 to 10 ounce deep red juicy fruits. Superb tasting sweet fruit. Marglobe tomato can claim parentage to many of today's hybrid tomatoes.



Side Note:

1932 Burpee Co. seed catalog says about Marglobe...

"No other tomato introduced recently has become know as quickly as Marglobe. It will withstand long periods of wet and unfavorable weather, yet produce a maximum crop of large, well rounded, bright scarlet-red tomatoes. It is resistant to Nail Head Rust and Fusarium Wilt.  Within a very short time growers along the east coast, all the way down to Florida have quickly accepted the new tomato because of its many outstanding features. Young tomatoes have a tendency to be of a somewhat oval shape, assuming a perfect globe form when full matured. Very solid flesh with excellent eating qualities."

1935 Isbell's Seed Co. seed catalog says about Marglobe...

"Wilt-Resistant. Its fine appearance, great productiveness, deep globe shape, fine scarlet color and superb table qualities are giving it first place wherever it is known. The tomatoes are heavy, meaty and almost core-less. In color is is a most beautiful scarlet, ripening well up to the stem. A very productive variety suitable for truck growing, shipping and canning. For the home garden we like it very much. Marglobe is a medium early sort; the plants are of robust and erect growth, its foliage shading the fruit and preventing sunscald. Marglobe is resistant to “nail-head rust.” Ripens 10 to 12 days later than Earliana. The seed we offer was grown by ourselves here in Michigan, from seed furnished by Prof. Pritchard of the U.S. Government Experiment Farm."  •  509-928-3342  •  Blog:
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