Abe Lincoln

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SOLD OUTA popular heirloom tomato introduced in Illinois in 1923 by the Buckbee Seed Co.This quote was taken from a copy of Buckbee's 1932 catalog, 

"This world-beating tomato was originated on Buckbee's Rockford Farms and named in honor of Illinois' greatest son-Abraham Lincoln. This 'Giant of All Tomatoes' was introduced by us in 1923 and is the largest tomato ever grown. We have had 9 tomatoes in a single cluster with a total weight of 7 pounds.

This old-time variety really loads up with an abundance of 6 to 10 oz red tomatoes that are packed with great tomato flavor. They have a tender, fine texture and a fair amount of acid that is nicely tempered with sweetness. 


Mid-Late season

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